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Club Rooms

Why not take the stress out of managing your club rooms and hire Masterclean2000 to make sure your facilities are ready to use on an ongoing basis?


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No club rooms are too small or too large for us! 

Make sure your club rooms are always clean and ready to use

In our experience very few people clean up club rooms with care after hiring them for an event.  As a result there can be a build up of grease, grime and odours that makes them increasingly unpleasant places to relax.

Over time this can affect the quality and type of events that are held in your club rooms.  By keeping your club rooms clean and fresh, you are more likely to attract people who appreciate this.

Our cleaning plan can be tailored to fit your schedule

You can either use our cleaning services on a regular basis or before and after events.  We will use our expertise to ensure the bathrooms, kitchen and floors are hygienic and ready to be used for your next event.

Our cleaning service also includes thriving business clubs with restaurants and bars.

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to call us on 04 589 2020 or contact us by email.

If it's time for you to engage a cleaner or you would like to swap cleaning companies, please contact us.