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Common Area Cleans

Common areas require regular cleaning maintenance to ensure they are presented well for building occupants and to minimise the presence of offensive or hazardous materials. We work closely with body corp officials and building managers.   


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We work closely with body corp officials & building managers!

Our body corporate and common area cleaning service covers:

  • Main entrances/foyers
  • Side entrances
  • Lifts – inside and out
  • Building walls & fences

Depending on the building layout, there may be other areas that need regular monitoring/cleaning.

Please ask us if you have a specific service in mind.

Apartment building common areas

Regular cleaning of common areas in apartment buildings is essential to maintain standards for tenants and visitors.  Offensive material, rubbish and mud/dust are our main areas of focus but if you have other areas within an apartment complex that require cleaning feel free to let us know.

If your body corporate would like more information, please contact us to discuss.

Maintenance / cleaning of car park common areas

Car park buildings, both private and public, require regular cleaning to maintain standards and to ensure the removal of offensive material, rubbish and graffiti.

Please contact us by email or call us on 04 589 2020 to discuss our full range of carpark services.

If it's time for you to engage a cleaner or you would like to swap cleaning companies, please contact us.