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Ever feel like saying ‘no thanks, your chair looks too dirty?’

If you answered ‘yes’ you’re not alone and anecdotal evidence suggests that would-be customers do vote with their feet.

The general consensus seems to be that there are two types of establishments where dirty seats really do matter; restaurants and medical centres, the two places you’d like to think above all others are hygienic.

In a restaurant a dirty chair could leave you wondering how clean the kitchen is, and in a medical centre, where the threat of Covid-19 is always in the back of our minds, the prospect of un-sanitised chairs is almost unbearable.

The two key threats are:

  1. Covid-19 and other viruses can be spread by touching surfaces and then our faces which we do far more often than was ever imagined pre Covid-19.
  2. Harmful bacteria from food and beverage spillages can cause health problems such as allergy induced asthma and colds.

Masterclean2000 can include regular chair cleaning as part of your routine cleaning schedule.  Some public spaces require daily chair wipe-downs at present and those businesses that haven’t had their upholstery cleaned in a while, should be considering it now also.

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Adding value

Sometimes the ways in which we add value go unnoticed by our customers because we deliver them as part of our standard cleaning services, such as:

  • Using our initiative to clean obvious areas of concern without being asked
  • Not disturbing private meetings to maintain our cleaning routine
  • Advising of actual or potential security risks

In addition we:

  • Do our very best to re-schedule our cleaning to suit your requirements
  • Can advise on the use of re-cycling systems and eco-friendly products
  • Ask for feedback to ensure our services are meeting your needs and our high standards

Customer care

The success of our business is largely due to our focus on customer care.  It all starts with a site visit and our careful attention to your cleaning requirements.  From there we prepare a full proposal and ensure we are on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Cost savings

We do everything we can to help you save money. For example:

  • Accurate assessment and quoting of your cleaning requirements from the outset
  • Our attention to quality control results in an overall lower cost to you
  • Any savings we make from our bulk purchasing of cleaning consumables are passed on to you
  • Making honest recommendations on the frequency of ‘special’ cleaning jobs

Our cleaning team

All of our cleaning staff has passed security checks and reference checks to ensure their honesty and integrity.  Our cleaners also understand that they are working for a local business and that motivates them to put in maximum effort for our customers.

If it's time for you to engage a cleaner or you would like to swap cleaning companies, please contact us.